I'll be your everything

Alter Ego:
Blood Type:
Chiaki Nagoya
Kaitou Sinbad
September 27
16 years old
175 cm
50 kg
Tonight, I will have the beauty of Jeanne's targeted painting.
- Kaitou Sinbad

Chiaki is the new guy at Momokuri High School. He is your typical playboy, and is the object of every girl's fantasies, including Maron and Miyako. But he only pays attention to Maron, because he knows her secret identity. Chiaki is Kaitou Sinbad, Jeanne's rival.

As a rival kaitou, his mission is to make Maron stop being a kaitou. So his plan is to make Maron fall in love with him so that she will stop being Jeanne for him. But during their heists, he always ends up protecting Jeanne and coming to her rescue. His plan backfires on him because the more he hangs around Maron, the more he falls in love with her.

Like Maron, he has an angel to help him, the lovable Access Time. They also target the devil's paintings to seal the evil, and end up competing with Jeanne for the checkmate, but Jeanne wins most of the time.

Chiaki lives alone (right next door to Maron!) but unlike Maron, he ran away from home. His father owns the Nagoya Hospital, and he originally thought Chiaki ran away because he didn't want to follow in his medical footsteps, but it turns out Chiaki wants to become a doctor. The reason he left home was so he could get closer to Jeanne.

He didn't really have a good relationship with his dad at first, because Chiaki hated the fact that he kept remarrying so often after his mother died. But his dad explained that no other woman could replace Chiaki's mom, and that he remarries because he wanted Chiaki to have a mother figure. But Chiaki just wants a dad who treasures his mother's memories, so after they have that chat, all is good between the two.

He used to go to Biwa Senior High School, a school for the rich, where he had a fiancé named Yashiro. But the marriage was an arrangement, and Chiaki had no interest in her.

Chiaki is always playful and joking around, but he also has a serious and jealous side to him, especially when it concerns Maron. But its only because he loves her so much. After Maron finds out the truth behind Chiaki's plan, that he lied to her about his feelings to make her do what he wanted, he does everything he can to make it up to her. She means everything to him, and he cares more about her safety than his own.