I'll be your wind

Alter Ego:
Blood Type:
Maron Kusakabe
Kaitou Jeanne
May 30
16 years old
154 cm
43 kg
In the name of Kami-sama, may the darkness which is born as evil be sealed here! Checkmate!

By day, Maron is a normal 16 year old Momokuri High School student with many admirers. By night, with the help of her angel Fin Fish, she transforms into the elusive Kaitou Jeanne D'Arc, the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, who "steals" beautiful paintings.

As a servant of Kami-sama, Jeanne seals evil away by checkmating demons possessed within beautiful paintings. Only Maron, who received Kami-sama's powers in her former life, can seal the demons, because if anyone else were to try collect the paintings, their mind would be possessed too.

Tonight, I will have the beauty of your drawing.
- Kaitou Jeanne

However, Jeanne is wanted by the police because they believe she steals the beautiful paintings (after she checkmates, the painting vanishes and in its place, a beautiful painting of an angel appears). Luckily, the victims never press charges because they end up preferring the painting Jeanne "gives" them.

To make things more complicated, her best friend from childhood, Miyako Toudaiji, is an aspiring detective and daughter of the police chief. Miyako is determined to capture Jeanne because many people say that Maron looks like Jeanne and she wants to prove them wrong.

Maron has lived alone since she was 10 because her parents are architects and their work takes them abroad for long periods of time. They entrust her to Miyako's family and said they will contact Maron when they come back. But the letter never comes...

She doesn't want to admit it, but she is actually very insecure and lonely. She's never learned what love is, because no one was there to teach her. She hates being weak, and keeps telling herself that she is a strong girl and doesn't need anyone to protect her. But Maron has many friends who care about her, and with Chiaki, she is finally able to find true happiness.